BSS-BD-12-6 Concrete Filled Blast Door


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One of the most important things in life is ensuring your security and safety. In the current world full of bombings everywhere, having a building with blast protective flaps is very crucial. There are different types of blast doors. If you are looking for a BSS-VBD-12-6 concrete filled blast door, you should look no further. We offer the finest concrete filled blast doors in the market.

 Unlike any other place, we have immense experience in this field. When we tell you that our doors are effective, you can trust us because we do not just supply the doors; we also take part in the making of those doors. We have the most competent team of engineers, who make sure the requirements for each door are as precise as a customer wants it.

 This should tell you something else about us; you can always come to us and give us your needs. We shall then customize the door to your specifications.

 We shall help you choose the most appropriate level of blast protection for the door coming to your building. This is just one of the many additional services you will get from our team of skilled engineers once you choose to buy a BSS-VBD-12-6 concrete filled blast door from us. If you choose an incorrect blast level, the access point could become lethal to life. We shall assist with risk assessment before making and installing the door of choice.

 Our concrete filled blast doors are not anything like you have ever seen. They will perform the first function of allowing users access to the building. When securely closed, it offers vital protection to the occupants of the premise. That notwithstanding, these doors are aesthetically pleasing, adding more value to the asset you wish to protect.

 We care so much how presentable your building should be. We therefore make concrete filled blast doors that meet the highest standards of protection and are appealing to the eye. When dealing with us, you are dealing with experts.

 Below are some of its features: 

  • A quarter inch steel plates, which are bent for improved strength.
  • A concrete filling of five and a half inches (door leaf is filled after installation).
  • A twelve-inch door jam
  • A six-inch thick door leaf
  • It is pre-hung
  • Has NBC seals
  • Four internal compression locks
  • Made with an exterior simple turn handle  

The doors are purely made of steel and concrete. The steel is never cut. It is bent then welded to improve its strength. The final product is resistant to fire, impact, radiation and most of all blast. It ensures 100% customer satisfaction.


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