BSS-RBH-01 Emergency Escape Hatch


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If you have been unsuccessful in looking for reliable emergency escape hatches, then the most likely explanation could be that you have been checking in the wrong places. The BSS-RBH-01 emergency escape hatch does not have its match in the market. It is one of our best hatches that everyone ought to have. It is advisable for every building to have an escape hatch for emergencies.

Unexpected situations like earth shifts and blasts happen in life. When they occur, they result in debris that in most cases block the main exit. If you do not have an emergency escape hatch, it could endanger the lives of the occupants of that shelter. Having our BSS-RBH-01 emergency escape hatch for your shelter is the most logical thing you can do. This hatch should only be used in emergencies.

This product is made with the most refined artisanship to guarantee our customers some of the top-notch emergency escape hatches in the market. The quarter inch plates are made of pure steel. The length, width and height are all twenty-four inches. The hatch has two hinges with a ripcord that is six feet long; alongside a d-ring handle that facilitates quick release.

In addition, our BSS-EEH has a compression release lock. Furthermore, NBC seals are included to safeguard from any biological, nuclear or chemical threats. The hatch is also resistant to blasts and comes in a conventional hammer black color. However, if you have special orders, you can call our office on (208)263-6027. You may also use the same contacts to ask questions. We shall be glad to serve you.


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