BSS-VBD-12-06 Concrete Filled Vault Blast Door


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The BSS-VBD-12-06 concrete filled vault blast door made by our company cannot be compared to any other blast security door you might have come across. The doors we offer have taken a lot of research and testing to ensure they can stand all the latest potential threats. To begin with, most clients do not know that we are more than suppliers are. We have a manufacturing plant that makes shelter equipment with excellent quality. When dealing with us, you have the confidence that you are working with a company that is responsible for what they are supplying.

All our shelter equipment including the BSS-VBD-12-06 concrete filled vault blast door are made using steel and concrete. These materials are mixed with neither ceramic, fireboard nor sheetrock like other people do. We commit ourselves to customer satisfaction and making superior versatile blast security doors has been one of our most notable strengths. It has given us an impeccable reputation that we cannot afford to waste away by making blast doors using substandard materials.

To be certain that all sources of vulnerability on the BSS-VBD-12-06 concrete filled vault blast door are eliminated, we do not cut the metals at any point. The metals are simply bent then welded. Cutting any metal creates points of weaknesses at the cut spots. This strategy therefore ensures that this door and others are blast, fire, theft, radiation and impact resistant.

That notwithstanding, people still face other more potent threats like nuclear, biological and chemical hazards. We protect against this by fitting the door with NBC seals. The seals equally ensure that the double inside compression locks are tight and that they offer extra protection against theft.

Once the BSS-VBD-12-06 vault blastdooris installed, it is then filled with concrete for maximum-security assurance. Since we are the makers of genuine multi-purpose blast security flaps, you can always request the door to be customized to your liking


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