BSS-VBD-12 Vault Blast Door


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If you are looking blast doors with superior quality, then try our BSS-VBD-12 Vault Blast Door. You can trust us to deliver multi-use blast security doors that are made from pure steel or concrete. We do not add fireboard, ceramics or sheetrock to the manufacturing materials. In fact, to be certain, concrete filling happens onsite to clear any doubts. This tells you that you can have confidence in us not to play phony gimmicks.

When metal is cut, it becomes vulnerable to blasts and other external forces. As such, we ensure that our metals remain uncut during construction process. We simply bend all the metal before welding them. This completely eliminates any vulnerability doubts and guarantees superior strength. The doors are thence resistant to theft, fire, radiation, blast and impact.

 Due to biological, chemical and nuclear threats, the doors are fitted with NBC seals. These seals neutralize all threats from the mentioned avenues. As if that is not enough, the BSS-VBD-12 Vault Blast Doors are custom fit with two interior compression locks. The indoor compression locks ensure the NBC seals are tightly fixed apart from offering additional protection from theft.

 With some of the above-mentioned features, we are so confident that no other blast protection door in the market can match up to our standards. We have done everything humanly and technologically possible to ensure that all loopholes are completely sealed.

 Besides anything else, our company stands an edge over others in this industry since we are not just suppliers of blast security doors. We offer authentic supplies of high quality shelter equipment made from our company. You can trust everything we tell you, as the doors are made in-house. We make and distribute a myriad of equipment ranging from NBC filtration systems, hatches, doors including accessories there-of.

Our clients’ satisfaction is at the core of our mandate.


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