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If you are searching for the finest gun safes, our company manufactures the best Ironman 3000 you can ever go for. Unlike other companies, we have a great team of professionals who give quality. We supply Hatches, doors, NBC filtration system and accessories.

 We are advanced in building and constructing of shelters which are of purely concrete and steel. We ensure that all our shelters are cast in place onsite to facilitate maximum protection. Remember security is vital and should not be compromised.

 Our company is the leading in constructing real bomb shelters and completely believes in preparedness. It’s always better to be prepared for such disasters since you never know when they occur, it is for that reason our company decided to manufacture and construct equipment that can aid in such occurrence.

 Some of the specification of a standard gun safe is a 12 gauge body thickness and a two hour firewall. It also has the ability to retain a temperature of up to 1533 degrees Fahrenheit. It has locking bars that are plated with nickel and locking bolts diameter, they both have dimensions of 6-1 inch respectively. One side is covered with bolt and has a ¾ solid bar frame. Its maximum length is 12 with a weight of 590 lbs.

 Internal and external dimensions are 56.5”H by 20.5”W by 13”D and 60”H by 24”W BY 20”D respectively. An actual fire test of ironman states that it is safe at 1533 degrees Fahrenheit, during a test conducted for ½ an hour, the internal temperature reached a maximum of 191 degrees Fahrenheit


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