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Owning a gun is one of the ways of guaranteeing your safety. However, you also need to keep the gun in a manner that it does not pose a danger to children and other people around you. This can get more difficult if you have a collection of guns. Much as they are keeping you safe, you also need to keep them safe. How can one possibly keep a huge cache of guns safely? It sounds quite an elusive venture.

Nonetheless, with the Ironman 5000s, what was previously considered impossible is now very possible. This twenty-four cubic feet interior space safe has a thirty four gun capacity. It has a ten gauge body thickness and two hour firewall. During the real house fire test, the safe did not disappoint. It was tested for thirty minutes under 1533 degrees Fahrenheit heat, which reached internal temperature at 191 degrees Fahrenheit.

The continuous solid hinge alongside a side locking bar makes it easy to use. While the standard color is green, it can be customized to your preferred color. You can also call us on (208)762-8834 to give other specifications or to make inquiries. You can be sure that all your doubts will be allayed.


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