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Guns are symbol of security, power and might. Having it brings a sense of self security in people. On the other hand, they are one of the most dangerous weapons ever invented. In the wrong hands, they could be very fatal. This means that if you own one, you should always endeavor to keep it safe.

The most effective way to keep a gun is buying a gun safe. This is even true for people who own a cache of guns. Due to the potential danger that they pose, your best choice would a quality gun safe. The Ironman 5000T gun safe is among the top rated gun safes in the market today. With an internal space of 32.5 cubic feet, this 10 gauge thick gun safe can store up to thirty-four long guns.

It would take about 2 hours for fire to overcome its walls. These walls withstand high temperatures to the maximum of 1533 degrees Fahrenheit. The a thousand pound gun safe has bolt coverage on one side with a height of 72 inches, 36-inch width and 28-inch length.

It usually comes in green color. However, you can request for a custom made one, which will have the specifications you choose. You can customize the color, features, size and even type of safe.


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