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Are you looking for NWSS-VBD-10 vault blast doors? Look no further. Northwest Shelter Systems offers the best quality NWSS-VBD-10 vault blast doors you can ever find. Our company does not just deal with supplies of the doors, we are one of the leading blast doors and NBC filters manufacturers and suppliers in the market. We manufacture and distribute the finest quality shelter equipment and supplies.

Our NWSS-VBD-10 vault blast doors are made onsite by our residential engineers to give you top notch protection. This means we have the most skilled team of shelter equipment makers. We are fully responsible for the work done by our engineers as they are not outsourced.

The doors are made from pure concrete and steel for best protection. We do not add any ceramic or sheetrock materials. They have re-locking systems made with two barrels for additional security. The step doors and step frames are one piece tripled as we do not want to compromise the safety of our clients. They also have NBC seals, one of the best in the market.

The doors are easily lubricated and are 5 – 8 inch by ½. They also have a five prong detachable bankers’ wheel. You may choose either a Sergeant or Green Leaf lock according to your preference. These are dial locks that also have a key. Below are other features:

  • An internally based posy lock release

  • A locking system with 14 bolts

  • Typical black color 

Finally, the NWSS-VBD-10 vault blast doors are filled with concrete after installation for maximum protection.


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